Who are we?


vert-line-spacer-1Asociación Centro Maya Servicio Integral (Integral Service Mayan Center Association) is a Guatemalan non-profit organization located In Lake Atitlán, in the town of San Juan La Laguna. We work in order to serve people with disabilities from the towns of San Juan, San Pablo, San Marcos, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz La Laguna and Santa María Visitación in Sololá where most of the population belongs to three mayan groups (tz’utujil, k’iche’ and kakchiquel). We work for the education, rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities through the development of programs in the areas of education, healthcare, vocational formation and expanded coverage. We focus in every aspect of the lives of our beneficiaries and their families in order to achieve their full development, inclusion in society and a better quality of life. We contribute to generate opportunities for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities without discrimination by offering different services and programs such as special education, early stimulation, physiotherapy, language therapy, counseling and psychological services, occupational therapy, music, dance, theater and a labor inclusion program.