Q: What is Centro Maya?

Centro Maya is a Guatemalan Association registered in Guatemala under the name ASOCIACION CENTRO MAYA SERVICIO INTEGRAL PARA LA NIÑEZ ADOLESCENCIA Y ADULTOS CON NECESIDADES ESPECIALES Y O DISCAPACIDAD ONG (Mayan Center Integral Association for childhood, adolescence and adults with special needs and/or disability NGO). At the present time it receives financial support from several organizations from around the world such as Maya Support (Holland), Senderos de Maíz (Spain), Guate Help Foundation (Switzerland), COE (Italy), Frakkagjerd Ungdoms skole- (Norway), amongst others.

Q: How do we work?

We serve people with disabilities of any age and condition at no cost. Any parent or friend of a person with disability or the person itself can come to us; once they become a user of the Center they get a general evaluation to determine which services are the best services for their habilitation or rehabilitation and a personalized plan is created for them that may include any kind of service or therapy that they require for their treatment. From then on the user starts receiving medical and psychological attention, physiotherapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy sessions or enrolling in Special Education School depending on their needs and diagnose. Our users can continue to be part of the Center as long as they need to achieve the goals they set for themselves, working along with our team. Once they reach 16 years old they are eligible to be part of Alma de Colores Project and learn a craft or occupation for it to be perfected through practice and experience and get to a point in which they can support themselves and achieve a full development.

Q: Where do we work?

Centro Maya is located at San Juan La Laguna in the south-west side of Lake Atitlán and serves people from the towns of San Juan, San Pablo, San Marcos, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz La Laguna y Santa María Visitación in Sololá, Guatemala.

Q: What do we mean by Integral Service?

Here at Centro Maya we are aware of the reality of the communities we work with, we understand the situations our users are in and know that in order for them to achieve their goals they need extensive attention; undoubtedly the services the Center provides that are directed to heir rehabilitation are fundamental to get progress, but sometimes users can’t achieve the expected results due to poor housing or family problems. This is the reason why Centro Maya works to improve the users’ living conditions through different programs and counseling and psychological attention for the whole family. Is in this way that we are able to provide an Integral Service, since it focuses in all areas of the users’ lives to achieve a full development.

Q: What kind of donations does Centro Maya accept?

All services provided by Centro Maya are at no cost for our users, this is possible thanks to the financial support of several organizations and friends making donations that go directly to the Center’s operations and programs. The Center and the users attending it have been growing in the last few years since we get new users frequently, that’s why financial support and donations are always necessary and welcomed.
We also accept material donations of items related to our areas of work and some others that we need specifically for the center’s operations, projects or programs. You can check our LIST OF NEEDS for items that you can contribute with.